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Nominate yourself or someone you know to win a FREE space on The BIG Ibiza RESET Programme

Thursday 19th - Saturday 21st May

Over 18's only

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Delivered by George Zielinski,
NLP Trainer, Coach and Hypnotherapist

I want to offer two young people, over the age of 18, an opportunity to train with me for 3-days on the Island of Ibiza.

I will be waiving my course fees and providing complimentary accommodation within the training venue for two individuals, who feel like they really need to PAUSE, UNPLUG AND RESET.

This IS NOT a holiday or a jolly (unfortunately), it is a programme where we will be digging deep and learning new tools and practices which will help us achieve positive outcomes on our return to the UK.

My training courses are high energy, interactive and informal. It is my mission to make sure that each participant has a world-class learning experience which will be remembered for years to come.

The BIG Ibiza RESET Programme includes:


I want to nominate myself or someone else for the FREE space on the training programme

Please enter your own personal details. Please ensure that you have permission from the person you are nominating, in order to provide their information. You can include this in the message alongside your reason for the nomination.

Thanks for submitting your nomination.


0800 699 0949

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