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High impact

NLP training

for professionals who have
more to give

George Zielinski

Become qualified and registered as a professional NLP Practitioner;

Embark on the ultimate personal development experience;

Achieve self-mastery and help others to do the same;

Become a leader of change with a powerful toolkit of new skills, resources and processes;

All within a 12-week period of blended learning.

The next intake starts

Tue 30th Jan 2024

**One-on-one NLP Training and Certification is now available by request!


Do you ever feel like you have so much more to give or that you are not adding enough value doing what you are doing?

Imagine for one second that you are finally free from that perpetual Sunday night 'dread' of the daily grind for yet another week.


What would it feel like to have your passion for making a real difference to people's lives ignited once again in these crazy and uncertain times?

This doesn't need to be a distant dream or a figment of your imagination. It is both possible and deserving, we only get one shot after all.

For years, I found myself sitting behind my desk, day in and day out, thinking that there had to be more to life than that. I had forged a pretty good career for myself, but I just couldn't shake that awful feeling that something was missing.

After a great deal of soul searching, I realised that my passion for helping other people to find their passion was not being fulfilled. It was obvious that I needed to take big steps in achieving my own aspirations first.


I knew that I needed to develop my skills and confidence if I was going to help others achieve what I was failing in myself. That was when I began my quest for self-discovery and learning. Before long, I found myself naturally gravitating towards Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

For over a decade now, I have been grateful each and every day for the opportunity to help businesses, teams and individuals achieve real transformation and positive outcomes in both their personal and professional lives. This is all thanks to my own learning journey and mastery of NLP.

Change your life by learning Neuro-Linguitic Programming (NLP)


Join me on the NLP Practitioner Training and Certification Programme delivered  online, via Zoom and with an additional face-to-face 3-day learning retreat running in both Ibiza and the Scottish Highlands this year.


You too can gain the skills, competence and accreditation to start practising as an NLP professional coach with individuals and groups in a variety of settings. 

Along with helping you gain a fresh sense of purpose, NLP can help you to:


Strengthen important relationships


Achieve a greater sense of freedom and choice


Have more control over behaviour, habits and impulses


Communicate with greater influence and persuasion


Improve your personal and professional performance


Develop new strategies for success


Increase personal effectiveness


Sharpen your leadership capabilities


I want you to have a world-class learning experience unlike any other training you have ever experienced!

Choose a 3-day learning retreat following the online course:

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Certified NLP Trainer & Director at GrowMyself

Hey! I'm George Zielinski and it is my aim to modernise NLP.

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming is in need of modernisation, both in terms of learning and its application. It should feel exciting and inspiring and I want my students to have a magical experience when learning with me.


My mission is to create a world full of NLP warriors who can help others to solve problems, generate solutions and achieve their goals.

I work predominantly in the corporate sector, facilitating behaviour-based learning to a wide range of companies. My specialism is in leadership development, coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

I also run a clinical hypnotherapy practice where I specialise in helping clients better manage the symptoms of stress and burnout within the workplace.


As well as running GrowMyself, I volunteer as a mentor for various community groups and charitable organisations such as the National Parent Forum for Scotland.


I use my business acumen, learning expertise and NLP mastery to ensure that you receive the highest standard of training using the recognised ANLP syllabus.

I value professionalism, quality and ethics and this is why I am associated with leading, credible and professional bodies.


Here are my professional memberships:

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What makes my NLP training different?

I am not just a modern and dynamic NLP trainer, but I am also a qualified, skilled and highly experienced learning professional. Through my company, GrowMyself, I have trained, coached and designed strategic learning programmes for some of the world's best known organisations.

But, more than this...

I am not just your average NLP Trainer!

I have had a varied and colourful career which allows me to share many insightful and entertaining stories to add greater context and meaning. In my early career, I worked as an overseas holiday representative before moving into financial services as a senior leader and HR professional. To date, I have coached thousands of managers, in hundreds of organisations, to help grow their talent and leadership capability.

I choose majestic locations for face-to-face learning!

I want my participants to feel completely immersed in the learning experience and to feel energised by the surroundings, the atmosphere and the vibe of being on a residential training retreat or staycation.

I utilise all of the outdoor resources when teaching!

I use nature, the environment and the many wondrous metaphors and resources of the great outdoors to bring NLP content alive. I make sure that we are moving around and interacting with each other and with the natural environment.

On top of this, you can also expect:

Engaging delivery

Relaxed and informal learning with emphasis on group interaction to hold your attention and keep you involved.

High-quality materials

Our content and course materials are both digital and physical which support your learning before, during and after your training.

Supportive mentorship

Our trainers create a mentor-based relationship with the group, providing on-demand support to help embed your learning.

ANLP Pro. membership

Our NLP certifications will provide the required standard of training to become a professional member of Association of NLP (ANLP). 

What topics will I be trained on during the 12-week programme?