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Cultivating trust with those who matter to us the most

"You aren't listening to me."

"Why won't you talk to me?"

"What's wrong with you?"

"You never support me."

"You don't understand me."

"Why is everything always about you?"


If you or any of your family members are experiencing tension or conflict, then chances are that these statements might sound quite familiar to you.

If you would like to enhance communication and dialogue between you and your loved ones, then this programme will provide practical tactics to help facilitate better collaboration and unity.


Disagreements, tensions and misunderstandings which are left unchecked have the ability to create fractures in our relationships. 

We often think of conflict as unhealthy and toxic. However, it is a natural part of life and mostly unavoidable as we all have our own thoughts, opinions and beliefs. 


The truth is that conflict and confrontation don't have to be harmful or destructive. With the right intentions and the right approach, it can present us with an opportunity to better understand our significant other and deepen mutual trust and respect.

This programme will help you and your loved ones to explore new ways of communicating, collaborating and making progress towards shared goals and outcomes.

What's included?

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As well as three live group workshops, you can also expect the following as part of the programme:

Two sixty-minute facilitated discussion groups

Change doesn't happen by simply turning up and listening to what the nice man or lady has to say. It happens by thinking about what new ideas and information mean for you personally, as well as listening to other people's perspectives and insights.

Our discussion groups allow space for reflection, planning and further learning. As with all of our sessions, you can get involved as much or as little as you choose.

One-on-one coaching session

As well as a short check-in session with one of our coaches, we also offer a fifteen-minute check-out coaching session at the end of your programme.

These personal conversations will help you to focus on your goals, intentions and actions during, and after the programme. This will not only help you to stay mindful of your key insights and learning points, but it will also ensure that you are getting maximum value from the programme.

Programme workbook

We will provide you with a digital workbook. Alternatively, we can send you a hard copy at your request. This will contain all of the ideas and concepts that we explore in each of the workshops, as well as set activities and tasks which we will encourage you to carry out in between sessions.

I'm interested in this programme! Please send me more information.

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