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NLP Diploma Scottish

Our three-day NLP Diploma Certification is a highly immersive and experiential learning event. It will provide you with a powerful new personal development tool kit, as well as a solid foundation for future NLP study and certification.




This event is also ideal for anyone who cannot commit to a seven-day Practitioner staycation and would prefer to complete it in two modular parts.


Participants who complete this Diploma in the Scottish Highlands are also welcome to complete the NLP Practitioner certification with us, out in Ibiza. 


Introduction and welcome

The first day is a deep dive into the world of NLP. As well as formally meeting the group of participants, we ensure you have a solid understanding of the week ahead.

The itinerary for the day includes:

Welcome, introductions, and the seven-day Itinerary


Paired goal setting task around your personal context and situation


NLP basics, ethics and the unconscious mind


Process demonstration and practice


Personal reflection time


(Optional) group recreational activity


Rolling up our sleeves

This is when we really get stuck in. We lay more of the foundations for further NLP exploration. We will also introduce some core change processes.

The itinerary for the day includes:


Communication, representational systems, and rapport


Eye patterns subgroup activity


Demonstration of NLP belief change processes


Paired practice time with feedback


Off-camp 'Swish' activity


(Optional) Video diary time


Through the looking glass

We continue our journey of self-discovery with the focal lens pointing inwards. We start to uncover our own personal triggers but, most importantly, how we can manage our own responses to different situations and experiences.

The itinerary for the day includes:

Unresourceful and unhelpful states


Demonstration of anchoring processes


Paired anchoring activity with feedback


Introduction to NLP language patterns


(Optional) Video diary time

NLP Diploma Graduation

Three-day NLP Diploma

What is included?

Student welcome pack

20 hours of face-to-face training

Digital workbook

24-hour mentoring

NLP Diploma Certificate

One-year ANLP Associate membership

Twelve-month digital subscription to the ANLP magazine, Rapport

Free post-course coaching session

Complimentary access to the GrowMyself NLP Lounge

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