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Coaching for families

Get the most out of life and each other

How would you describe your relationship with that special person in your life?

Are you looking to enhance your communication with each other?

Are you finding it difficult to collaborate?

Are you looking to set new goals together?

How would you feel if you could deepen your understanding of each other and reconnect with what is most important to each of you in your relationship?

How great would it be if you could work together more effectively, as well as achieving common goals faster and more comfortably?

Just imagine the difference this could make.

What is it?

This type of coaching is a forward-looking process of identifying and achieving mutual goals. It is a two-way conversation which helps to create a joint action plan for a specific event or challenge. It is also a great way of stimulating better communication between two or more individuals.

How does it work?

Unlike counselling or therapy, coaching is completely focused on your future. Each conversation is geared towards identifying your mutual interests, your goals and how to achieve them. This may involve discussion about any current or relevant challenges that you face, but the intention will always be to overcome and move forwards, rather than dissecting the past. The conversation will be upbeat and progressive throughout the session.

Who is it for?

This focus of coaching is ideal for people who:

1. Want to strengthen the communication in their relationship and deepen their appreciation of each other

2. Are looking to collaborate with each other more effectively, as well as with other relevant people

3. Have major decisions and/or changes to make to their current lifestyle

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