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Coaching for confidence

Guidance and inspiration

Are you looking for something, but you are unsure of what?

Are you feeling unfulfilled or stuck in a rut?

How would you feel if you could do the things that you have always wanted to do?

What difference would it make if you were confident about your choices and your own abilities, as well as overcoming the specific barriers that are holding you back from your goals?

What is it?

This type of coaching is focused on building self-efficacy, the type of confidence you feel in relation to a specific task, as well as more general self-esteem.

How does it work?

Like all of our sessions, confidence coaching is goal-focused and centred on the areas of your lifestyle which you aspire to change or enhance, e.g. your social life, finances, well-being, and so forth.


Using GrowMyself’s very own 'Live, Love, Learn' model, we begin by identifying your areas of fulfilment and discontent by measuring your current levels of confidence in these areas.


 Working in priority order, we explore the possible as well as the impossible. We support you in building the confidence which you require to move closer to your goals and the outcomes for which you are aiming.

Who is it for?

This focus of coaching is for people who:

1. Are looking to take control of their own future and make a transformational change to the way in which they live their lives

2. Want to feel confident, empowered and able to achieve their hopes and dreams

3. Wish to take a holistic look at their lives and reconnect with their overall meaning and purpose

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