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Change your life with NLP

Our Ibiza training retreats

Join us on one of our NLP training retreats tucked away on the stunning white isle of Ibiza. Its unique and magical vibe make it the perfect location to learn NLP and become certified in the study and practice of human excellence.

Bask in the world-famous sunset each evening whilst soaking up the atmosphere at the sunset cafés.


This learning experience will help you to observe the world through new eyes whilst forming powerful connections with other learners, with the island and with your inner self.


Our Ibiza NLP training retreats promise to be an experience that you will never forget.

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A three-day event. Upon completion, you will receive a Diploma Certificate in NLP. This will provide you with the skills and knowledge at an introductory, foundation level. 

An NLP Diploma can also be carried forward towards an NLP Practitioner Certification at a later date.

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A seven-day retreat, where you will train to become a certified NLP Practitioner.


This training will equip you with the professional capabilities to practice the wealth of techniques, tools, and processes within the recognised ANLP Practitioner syllabus.

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NLP Master Practitioner

A two-week multiple location training retreat held at various resorts around the white isle.

You will learn new NLP content and master the application of your existing skills and knowledge.

On completion, you will be certified as an NLP Master Practitioner.

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The ultimate personal development experience 

NLP Practitioners work with individuals and groups in a wide variety of settings in both a personal and professional capacity. Although favoured by coaches, trainers and therapists, anyone with a desire to train can learn and practise NLP.


NLP uses structured language patterns and visualisation techniques to re-define how our body and minds react to different experiences. By re-interpreting our default perceptions and responses, we have the ability to achieve long-lasting, transformative change.


​One of the key principles of NLP is that we each have everything we need within ourselves to achieve excellence. Each personal change process helps us to harness our internal resources, giving us the greatest possible chance of success when pursuing our goals.

NLP training with GrowMyself

Engaging delivery

Relaxed and informal learning with emphasis on group interaction to hold your attention and keep you involved.

High-quality materials

Our content and course materials are both digital and physical which support your learning before during and after your training.

Supportive mentorship

Our trainers create a mentor-based relationship with the group, providing 24-hour support to help embed your learning.

ANLP membership

Our NLP certifications will provide the required standard of training to become a member of Association of NLP (ANLP). 

There is nowhere quite like Ibiza...

Ibiza is an idyllic and tranquil location to learn, relax and socialise. Escape to the sunshine and join us in the Spanish Balearics, only a flight away from the U.K.


Our Ibiza NLP courses are held in a modern, spacious hotel just a stone's throw away from the Sunset Strip, home to the world-famous Café del Mar and Café Mambo. 


As well as delivering the core NLP syllabus, we will utilise all that the island has to offer to create a first-class learning experience as part of our training and certification retreat.

Learning in the Mediterranean

Early morning beach walks. Goal setting and preparing for the day ahead.

Famous Ibiza sunset debriefs, reflecting on all of your insights gained during the day.

Refreshing afternoon dips in the hotel pool, keeping you cool and energised.

Enjoy the Ibiza vibe, socialising and networking in the evening in your spare leisure time.

A learning retreat is an incredible opportunity to step away from your daily life for a short while and immerse yourself in a transformational training programme.

You will return to the U.K. having attained the skills and knowledge required to start practising a range of NLP tools and behavioural techniques which you can use to help yourself and others thrive in a post-pandemic world.

The wonder of NLP

Improve your relationships

Achieve a greater sense of freedom and choice

More control over your behaviours, habits and impulses

Communicate with greater influence and persuasion

Improve your personal and professional performance

Develop new strategies for success

Increase personal effectiveness

Sharpen your leadership capabilities

Maximise your full potential

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